Who Belongs at Breakbulk Americas?

You'll find the entire industrial supply chain represented at Breakbulk Americas, including the major oil & gas companies and EPCs.

Air Transport
Heavy cargo and standard freighters, airlines
Project forwarders, ship agencies and more
Cargo Owners
Oil & Gas, EPCs, Industrial Manufacturers and more
Transport, lifting and more
Freight Forwarders
Local and international forwarders
Local, regional and national
Industry-related Services
Insurance, surveyors, legal, financial, education
IT & Technology
Hardware, software, consultants
Industry-related publications, online services
Ports & Terminals
Facilities, stevedores, shipyards/shipbuilders
Marine Transport
Carriers, ship agencies, shipbrokers, tugs & barges
Rail Transport
Operators, owners, railcar providers
Road Transport
Heavy haulers, other surface transport