The region’s largest trade event for the project cargo and breakbulk industry


Stand: M19
  • Road Transport

Tradelossa is a Mexican based company, with over 50 years of industry, specialized in logistic solutions for Heavy Haul and project cargo with a reach across Mexico, the U.S., Canada, and Central America.
Backed up with 50 years of experience, Tradelossa has an ideal infrastructure with the goal to provide support and development of great scale projects within the Mexican territory, bringing personalized cargo solutions for the multiple industry’s fields, giving our clients the quality performance and security, they look for.
Hand in hand with our specialized Engineering and   Operational teams, Tradelossa performs M.R.O. (Maintenance and Repair Operations) services. Ideal for complex rigging in closed spaces or high-altitude operations.

With over 200 units and state of the art equipment for heavy manipulation such as the great Faktor 5 and our SLB 1100-ton capacity Hydraulic Gantry, tradelossa offers unique solutions and an outstanding performance for Supply Chain, Forwarding, Just in Time and Door to Door alongside other logistical services, adapting ourselves to our client’s needs.
Visit our webpage at or look for us at linkedin @tradelossa for more.
Durango, Mexico