E-commerce Is the Future of Logistics



Ally Spinu, CEO of Export Portal, talks E-commerce in developing countries, building lasting business relationships through Export Portal, logistics strategy within E-commerce, and more.
Ally Spinu 
Export Portal  

Ally Spinu has come a long way in her business career becoming a serial entrepreneur and woman in tech for nearly two decades. As a versatile leader who serves on the boards of companies in the Marketing, IT, and Export fields, she has also founded her own Automotive Auction and non-profit relief foundation. Ally is currently the CEO of Export Portal. She is passionate about providing SMEs a platform for a successful development. With this passion she has traveled the world and has spoken at international events in Los Angeles, Vietnam, Taiwan, Portugal, India, and Moscow. She was invited to speak about the importance of eCommerce in trade development not only at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) eCommerce Week in Genève, Switzerland, but also at the recent UNCTAD eCommerce event in Kenya.

About Export Portal
Export Portal is a pioneer in the 150 
billion niche market and is the only SME-focused ecosystem powered by 
cutting-edge blockchain technology. Trusted by over 250,000 SMEs, Export 
Portal has been in business for over six years now, with users in 54 
countries and counting. Its monthly user growth of 40% demonstrates just 
how succesfully the company is growing. Export Portal’s international 
B2B marketplace offers its users access to a portal of available freight 
forwarding and logistics solutions. 
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