The Digital Special: Could Remote Expert Technology Be the Next Big Thing?

Virtually moderated by Stephen “Spo” Spoljaric of Bechtel Corporation, this session will provide an interactive experience and perspective from industry leaders on a technology that is accelerating due to the recent constraints surfaced by the COVID-19. While critical cargo continues to move during the pandemic, shippers, carriers, forwarders and insurance companies all want to ensure the same level of safety and surety during lifts, transfers and securement operations but in many cases travel has been restricted and visits to ports limited. In contrast, the dilemma has always existed: how can an expert be in two places at the same time? The conversation will focus on the constraints, challenges, benefits and level of adoption from the various parties across the project cargo industry.

Moderator: Stephen Spoljaric, Corporate Manager of Global Logistics, Bechtel Corporation

Jake Swanson, Global Head, EPC Project Sector - DGF Industrial Projects, DHL Industrial Projects

Capt. Andrew Kinsey, Senior Marine Risk Consultant, Allianz Risk Consulting

Nathaniel Leis, Director of Safety, ATS Trucking