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W.O. Grubb Crane Rental
We are one of the largest family owned & operated crane rental companies in the nation. Multiple locations service Virginia, Maryland, and the Carolinas and the surrounding states with crane and rigging services. W. O. Grubb is ranked in the top 20 largest crane companies in North America with over 300 cranes in our arsenal. Our fleet averages less than 5 years in age, and ranges with a wide selection from 6 ton to 825 ton. We rent cranes on both a “fully operated and maintained” or “bare rental” basis in order to service the needs of your particular project. We are continually upgrading this fleet in order to supply our customers with the latest equipment and technology in the industry. Our professional service staff inspects each piece of equipment before it leaves our hands to make sure the equipment is in top condition when you take delivery, meeting all ANSI & OSHA standards in our inspections. When you rent from W.O. Grubb, you can be sure that the equipment you rent is the safest equipment available. W.O. Grubb takes pride for being not only the largest but the most advanced Crane Rental company in the nation, offering in-house Engineering that can design simple lift plans to the most complex Crane and Rigging plans to ensure your projects success.

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