Port of Baltimore

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Port of Baltimore
The Port of Baltimore is ranked No. 1 in the nation for autos, ro-ro, and imported forest products. Baltimore is one of only two U.S. East Coast ports ready to handle some of the world’s largest ships. Baltimore’s breakbulk capabilities include handling cargos such as wind energy components, transformers, locomotives and equipment used in auto plants and refineries. The Port of Baltimore offers new direct rail discharge and load capabilities with 40-ton-per-axle capacity. Three heavy-lift pads have a capacity of 32.5 tons per axle per pad. Baltimore is also home to Big Red and Big Yellow, two cranes able to handle up 330 and 550 tons, respectively. The Port of Baltimore’s hard working men and women go the extra mile to deliver superior handling for all cargoes.

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United States
Baltimore, MD
The World Trade Center

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