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Höegh Autoliners
Höegh Autoliners is a leading global provider of RoRo transportation services, carrying close to six million cubic metres of high and heavy and breakbulk cargo annually worldwide. The company operates around 50 RoRo (Roll On/Roll Off) vessels in global trade systems and makes about 3 000 port calls each year.

With a fleet designed for maximum flexibility, we are able to cater for a wide variety of cargo, ranging from cars to high and heavy and breakbulk. Our New Horizon vessels are the world’s largest PCTCs (Pure Car and Truck Carrier), carrying up to 8 500 car equivalent units, offering 6.5 metres of free deck height, 12 metres ramp width and capacity to take cargo weighting up to 375 tonnes. For breakbulk and project cargo we use our fleet of modern and specialised rolltrailers, ranging from 20 to 80 feet and with a capacity to handle up to 160MT. The rolltrailers are specially designed for smooth and safe transportation of heavy and/or long breakbulk cargo. With the new vessel design together with specially designed cargo handling equipment, we are able to cater for a wider range of cargo, adding greater flexibility to our fleet and thus enhancing the service we offer our customers.

Jeff Trask – Breakbulk Sales Manager USA
+1 (832) 422 3413

Stian Omli – Head of Global Breakbulk Sales
+47 21 03 9000

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