Deep Dive: Everything Education

Welcome to our third post-event Deep Dive, an ongoing series to share session highlights from Breakbulk Americas 2019.

This week it’s all about our NEXTGen recipients–young executives, managers and directors who will lead the breakbulk and project cargo industry into the next generation.

See what they all had to say in their Breakbulk Studios' interviews and check them out in the newest issue of Breakbulk Magazine Issue 6 / 2019. 

Building the Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean Brand at Breakbulk with Carsten Wendt, Senior Manager


How to Plan for Logistics Success with Noelle Burke, GE


The Challenges of Chartering at Bechtel with John Rapacki, BGL Chartering Manager


The Joy of Heavy Haul with Berard Transportation with Brett Berard, VP of Operations

Breakbulk NEXTGen Awards Ceremony Photos

Breakbulk Americas 2019: NEXTGen Recognition Ceremony
Jerry Nagel Education Day & Greg Gowans Tours by ECMC

Those new to the breakbulk and project cargo workforce—shippers, carriers, forwarders and others—are encouraged to register for the Jerry Nagel Education Day to learn industry fundamentals from working executives. 

Participants will also learn what it takes to organize and execute a large project and receive career advice from past Education Day attendees who secured positions in the industry. 

Following the morning sessions, Education Day attendees are invited to join the Greg Gowans Guided Tours of the exhibition floor led by members of the Exporters Competitive Maritime Council (ECMC). #bbam2019 

Breakbulk Success Story: From Education Day to EPC Panelist 

Samuel Holmes, Logistics & Export Compliance Coordinator II with Wood will be one of the panelists on the Bringing Outside Innovations into Breakbulk in the Tech & Innovation Hub on Oct. 9, but this isn’t Samuel’s first time attending a Breakbulk Americas event.  

Holmes got his start years ago at the Jerry Nagel Education Day workshop. He is one of many students who started their careers with Breakbulk and now works for a major EPC company. 

Take a look and start your career by signing up for the Jerry Nagel Education Day workshop ($300). 

Advice to Recent Graduates from Tania Smith, S&B Engineers & Construction

Tania Smith with S&B Engineers & Construction shares her advice to recent graduates who are looking to enter the breakbulk & project cargo industry. Smith advises that you should start networking immediately and get involved with Breakbulk events.

Those new to the breakbulk and project cargo workforce—shippers, carriers, forwarders and others—are encouraged to register for the Jerry Nagel Education Day to learn industry fundamentals from working executives and meet some of the biggest names in the industry during the session and on the tour.

Expand your network and register now for $300 at #bbam2019

Bringing Young People into the Breakbulk Business with John Hark, Bertling Logistics 

John Hark, Bertling Logistics talks about the support that he and the community provide to encourage young people to enter the breakbulk and project cargo industry. 
Hark will be a panelist on the Our People, Our Future – The Next Generation main stage session sponsored by Alchemy Recruitment on Wednesday afternoon. 

Don’t miss out. Register now using promo code BBAMDEEPDIVE for 25% off your registration. #bbam2019  


5 Questions to Ask When You're Hiring in a Digital World

From the Masters Arena sponsor:

Although the job hunt went digital 20 years ago, looking for work on the web still feels new due to the constantly evolving landscape. Paper resumes and classified ads were replaced by online job boards. Staffing agencies shifted from analog to digital. The evolution didn’t stop there: search engines, smartphones, apps, and social media transformed the hiring and recruiting process along the way. 

However, not everything changed. The fundamentals of finding a job and filling an open role remain the same. While the needs for the ports and terminals sector aren’t identical to that of retail or manufacturing, the basics of what makes a good recruiting process is universal—regardless of industry. At the end of the day, the right worker should be placed in the right role at the right time, it’s just that getting there might look slightly different than it did 20 years ago - or even 2 years ago. 

As you begin the hiring process in today’s digital age, ask yourself these 5 questions to be successful in your staffing endeavors: 

1. Am I reaching candidates? 

A recent survey shows that 80% of Americans text. Globally, 3.3 billion people use a mobile device to access the internet. We love our gadgets. This is especially true for millennials: 93% of Americans 23 to 38-years-old own smartphones. To get in front of candidates, you need to be mobile. The sites you post your jobs on should be mobile responsive. Consider having your jobs listed on a mobile app so candidates can easily find them and apply from their phone or tablet. Convenience is key for today’s candidates; they’re in high demand and not going to spend time on a clunky application experience when they can just scroll to the next posting. 

2. Am I selling the role?  

Once you’re in front of candidates, present your jobs in the best light. That doesn’t mean glossing over the role; it actually means being forthcoming and touching on all aspects of the job, even those that are less than glamorous but entirely important. Avoid jargon and made-up titles that don’t give a clear idea of what the function is. After all, if the title and description aren’t accurate, workers aren’t going to find the posting because they’re not using those words to search. They also want to know they’re finding a role they are qualified for, excited about, and can learn from – which is what you want, too. When you’re writing a job posting or speaking with your staffing partner about the open role, give a comprehensive overview and highlight the elements that will get your ideal candidates excited about applying. 

3. Am I selling the company? 

recent Deloitte survey highlighted the importance of company culture for today’s job seekers. They want to do work they’re passionate about at a company that aligns with their values. No matter the industry or role, your future employees want to feel like they’re in the right place. Share about the culture, company’s values, and any other insights that set you apart from the competition. This is a chance to convince in-demand workers that your company is the place they want to be. 

4. Am I communicating like a human? 

It might feel like an odd question, but consider what we mentioned above: workers are looking for jobs they can excel in with a company that feels right for them. Communicate with them—through job postings, your website, any avenue—as if they were sitting across from you in a normal conversation. You can be professional while avoiding clichés that don’t feel authentic. In the digital hiring environment, workers might not speak to a human at the staffing agency or your company until further into the process, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a connective and memorable experience in their initial steps through the process.  

As you plan your talent strategy, discuss your recruitment process and engage with staffing partners. Remember that particularly in the world of digital hiring, you need to stand out. When you focus on clear communication and the needs of your candidates, you bring humanity (and a positive first impression) to the job search. 

5. Am I working with the right partners? 

The basics of hiring might be the same, but each sector has its unique needs for finding the right people. After all, what you need in a stevedore role is not what you want in a cruise ship ticket taker, and both are very different from a hydroblast technician. If you engage with a staffing partner, ensure they specialize in your field. PeopleReady has mobile teams devoted to recruiting for specific sectors so you’re only receiving workers who have the experience and knowledge you need, where you need them. We also know that time is money, so that’s why we also focus on safety, compliance, and training to ensure workers are qualified and ready to start. When your staffing partner speaks your language, you’re not only saving time but also gaining confidence that your recruiting needs are in good, experienced hands.

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