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Strang Systems
The Strang System is a safe, efficient and flexible method of securing heavy cargo for intermodal transport. Using a patented restraining technique incorporating Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), we can help deliver your cargo to your consignee in the shortest possible time frame, without damage in a regular 20′ container. Our range of coil movers and handlers enable heavy coils up to 30mt to be handled, packed and moved between sites with just a 16mt forklift. They extend the capability of lesser-weighted machinery, increasing safe weight limits well beyond that of the original manufacturer. Logistics Consultancy ; We can evaluate your current logistics chain and identify savings in both time and cost, propose alternative solutions, and give your business the edge it needs throughout your supply chain. Darren Ryan, GM Logistics +61 439 404 032 Danny Jacobson, GM Engineering & Design +61 439 655 693

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