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Port of San Diego
At the Port of San Diego, We focus on specialty cargo! Breakbulk cargo ships a little differently than you standard container – freestanding, on pallets, raw stacks, in bags, bundles, and barrels. Sometimes being different is an advantage. It helps when you have a partner who thinks outside the box. We have the space, flexibility, expertise, competitive rates, on-dock rail served by BNSF Railway and commitment to customer service to handle all of your breakbulk and project cargo needs at Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal. Email us for a quote at maritimeinfo@portofsandiego.org. Greg Borossay, Principal, Maritime Business Development +1 619 686 6242 gborossay@portofsandiego.org Miguel Reyes, Manager- Trade Developement +1 619 686 6449 mireyes@portofsandiego.org

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