Contractors Cargo Company

Halls D&E M10 Freight Forwarder

Contractors Cargo Company
Contractors Cargo Company was formed in 1933 and has been one of the pioneers of the modern-day, specialized transportation and heavy haul. It has grown over the years and has expanded its scope of operations to be one of the truly fine companies that offers a full line of rigging and equipment installation services as well as being one of the premier specialized heavy and super-heavy engineered transportation companies in the United States. Our transportation service includes the engineering of specialized transport equipment and the design and fabrication of any required special hauling equipment, air-ride cushion or payload support system. We also perform route surveys, obtain all necessary highway and road permits, supply all signs, barricades, night lighting, guard, escort services and utility clearances.

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United States
Compton, CA
500 South Alameda Street

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