Chipolbrok America, Inc.

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Chipolbrok America, Inc.
Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Co. (Chipolbrok) is a well established and operated shipping line with more than 65 years of service. Regular liner services connect major markets of the Far East, North America, South America, Europe and the Middle-East/India, with focus on project, breakbulk and bulk cargoes. Service to and from North America commenced in 2005 with the opening of Chipolbrok America Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary. Chipolbrok operates a modern versatile fleet of 17 triple-deck, multipurpose vessels, 10 ships of about 30,000 dwt with lifting capacity of 640 tons, and 7 ships each about 22,000 dwt with lifting capacity of 300 tons. By the end of 2016, Chipolbrok will have 4 new 32,000 dwt multipurpose heavy lift vessels with lifting capacity up to 700 tons.

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