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Buckingham Transport

Buckingham Transport excels in the heavy-haul and transport of over-sized & over-weight loads in the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest. We specialize in the final mile, site-to-site, port-to-site, and on-site transport. We have Goldhofer hydraulic platform trailers with E-Steer, ADDrive, Transformer Deck, & Gooseneck capabilities and also multiple Dual-Lane Beam & Dolly Transporters that can carry loads as low as 12″ above the road. The Dual-Lane Transporters can be self-powered to shorten the overall load and give more flexibility for navigating tight corners and crowded facilities. We have Unified Hydraulic Jacking Systems and Jack & Slide Systems for loading & unloading, allowing many projects to be completed without the need for a crane.

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Bernville, PA
10 Birch Lane

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