COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers Co. Ltd.

Halls D&E L40-M41 Marine Transport

COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers Co. Ltd.
COSCO Shipping Co. Ltd., a vital member of China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, has the strategy to become the greatest competitor in global specialized shipping and the leader of large-scale engineering project transportation. COSCO Shipping Co. Ltd. now operates over 100 special vessels of various types, including semi-submersibles, heavy lift and multi-purpose carriers, pure car carriers, timber carriers and asphalt carriers. COSCO Shipping Co. Ltd. also has formed a global operating network connecting China with Hong Kong, South Korea, Southeast Asia, US, Europe, Australia, Africa and West Asia. Besides, it has created a competitive shipping advantage in regular liner service from Far East to Mediterranean, Europe, Persian Gulf, America and Africa. Li Ling 862038161168 862038162888

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