Bragg Companies - Heavy Transport

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Bragg Companies - Heavy Transport

Bragg Companies - Heavy Transport specializes in over-sized, multi-dimensional, and large capacity cargo, providing a full-service approach for your individual transportation needs through:

  • Service available 24/7 in all 50 states
  • Port compliant fleet equipped with RFID tags and TWIC carrying drivers
  • Cutting-edge equipment with clean air technology
  • On-road capacities up to 500,000 tons
  • Off-road capacities 1,600 tons+
  • Both truck and rail services provided with safety and efficiency in mind while keeping our pricing competitive
  • Internal permits department and pilot car services
  • In-house architectural and engineering team to streamline your bidding and consultation process

Robert Weyers
General Manager

Eric Peterson
Operations Manager

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United States
Long Beach, CA
6251 North Paramount Boulevard


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